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Crank Up Your Immune System!

Family having flu

by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath Yes, cold and flu season is just around the corner and this is the beginning of a two part series on boosting your immune system. Today’s focus will provide some lifestyle and supplemental tips you can use to keep your immune system function high and do your best to keep […]

Uggg…Another Cold & Flu Season


by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath Yes, you heard it right, another cold and flu season is upon us. Did you get sick last year? Did your cold and flu take you down for some time? Was it painfully agonizing to simply make it through those days? Perhaps is was tough to sleep because you were […]

Holiday Season = Fatigue, Stress & Weight Gain?


by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath The holidays are just around the corner and I bet the last thing you are considering right now is how the holiday season will effect your adrenal function, leading to health challenges and symptoms. What you may be thinking about though is how often you find yourself fatigued, stress out […]

This Tiny Molecule “Eats Fat Cells” and Torches Calories Like Crazy…


This just came across my desk so I wanted to get it to you immediately: Weight loss researchers recently stumbled on a major breakthrough… … they’re calling it “the biggest discovery since the calorie”, because: It pops open “diet-resistant” fat cells and sucks out the fat locked inside… Floods your body with sustained energy, while […]

This Forgotten Hormone “Cracks Open” Resistant Fat Cells…

Forgotten Hormone

For years we’ve been told the KEY to unlocking fat loss was to control insulin. The premise was simple (or so we thought): Don’t eat ANY type of sugar (or carbs that can turn into sugar)… …unless you combine it with protein and fibrous veggies. Want a cup or two of white rice? Fine. Just […]

Wired, Tired and Stressed Out?

Wired Tired and Stressed Out

By Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath So what do I mean by wired, tired and stress out? Well, the wired is being wired and stimulated by sugar and its affect on blood glucose levels. Tired is the response of the wired, as we look at how elevated blood sugar impacts sleep. Lastly the stressed out is […]

Eat These 3 Ingredients at 7:45 to Burn Fat All Day Long (recipe inside)…


Here’s something not even my mother knows: I treat myself to “dessert” at 7:45 a.m every morning. Why the heck would I do THAT? Doesn’t that kill metabolism and pack on the fat? Nope… because this is no ordinary dessert (see recipe below), it: Turns ON the “burn fat” signal in all my cells… Turns […]

Do you hate to stretch too?


by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath Now I understand the benefit of stretching and love when I am working with a trainer and they are actually doing the work of stretching my soft tissue but the thought of doing this myself is followed by almost zero motivation. Let’s face it, I hate to stretch! As mentioned […]

This Stimulates A Whole-Body Calorie Burn (it’s not exercise)…


The human metabolism can be a remarkable calorie-burning machine. Up until now, most haven’t really understood how it works… … or how to FULLY harness its incredible calorie-burning potential. But a little-known study in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care has shed some light: Turns out just a tiny part of your metabolism holds the key […]