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Old Worn Out Cells

by Glen Depke, Founder of Depke Wellness Old Worn Out Cells Recently, I had a client of mine mention something that maybe you think yourself, but what does client said is, “I just feel like my cells are old and worn out.” You know what? That’s actually very real. The question is what does that […]

Your Energy is Depleted?

Hi. It’s Glen Depke here from Depke Wellness and I want to share with you the one, single biggest complaint that I probably get from at least 98% of the clients that have come in to see me over the years. And that complaint is something you’re likely dealing with yourself right now, which is […]

Sick of Waking Up Tired!

by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath I hear it all the time from clients, “I wake up after sleeping and I’m still exhausted.” This is often frustrating to most and long term, this can be downright hopeless for some. So how can you change the way you feel when you wake up? Are you thinking, “does […]

Do you get tired after you eat?


by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath It is not uncommon for people to get tired after meals, yet most people do not understand how deep of a challenge this could be health wise. Very commonly, there are a blood sugar regulation issues for those that get tired after eating and this is important to address because […]

Wired, Tired and Stressed Out?

Wired Tired and Stressed Out

By Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath So what do I mean by wired, tired and stress out? Well, the wired is being wired and stimulated by sugar and its affect on blood glucose levels. Tired is the response of the wired, as we look at how elevated blood sugar impacts sleep. Lastly the stressed out is […]

4 Secrets to Stop Being Exhausted All The Time!


by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath So here we are in the early part of September and of course it is still relatively warm for most of us. But for many of us we know that the cold and blustery winter is just around the corner and think about what that means for most of us. […]