“I want to thank you for all of the information today.This was an amazing consultation full of hope even though my adrenals are crashed.You provided me with great information and I understand much better what is going on with me.I have confidence that I will recover with your guidance and my effort!You have no idea how this consultation changed the way I see my future.My son was right.You are an amazing practitioner who not only knows how to analyze a health issue but move things in the right direction for people to regain their health.Your emails with charts, graphs and information are very helpful when on a phone consultation.Visuals are great tools to help patients understand more clearly the information they are given.Thanks again and I’ll email again in about two weeks to let you know how I’m doing.”

~Carole K.

“Before I met Glen, I had reached a healthy plateau that was just okay. I wasn’t satisfied with that and new there was an answer out there. Glen was immediately comforting to me and didn’t overwhelm me with what to do. We did an adrenal test, found out I needed help with adrenals and hormones. Then, when I was feeling well enough, we did a stool test and discovered I had some bad bacteria overgrown in my gut. We then did a one month bacterial cleanse and I no longer have bloating after meals or adult acne!!!

You have been so instrumental in helping me finally tackle these issues that I’ve been throwing money at for years!!! I sincerely appreciate your quick responses to my questions! It’s nice to know that even though we haven’t formally met in person, you’re still very caring and approachable. Thanks!”


“I was one of the “participants” in last night’s webinar on adrenal fatigue. I’m currently a student at Hawthorn pursuing a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition. Have just about completed my first year! The information you presented last night just about blew my socks off … wow! What I’ve always known “intuitively” I’m now learning that I was right to think of things the way I did. So, thank you so very much for your informative presentation! It’s exciting, at least for me, to have the puzzle pieces finally click into place and to understand the intricate nature of how our bodies work and were created to work.”


“Quick thank you to Dr. Depke for his 20 minute phone consultation! While many of the things we discussed were things I already knew, I learned more about thyroid, adrenals, immune systems, etc. in our 25 minute conversation, than I learned from my GP in 15 years. Thank you Dr. Depke!”


“Good news. Eating extremely clean and following my protocol all week enabled me to get through today’s full day intensive meeting with NO headache and minimal pain. My energy levels still need improvement but a month ago I couldn’t have made it through a day like this.Your plan is already working. You rock!!”


“I had an eye exam this morning, and my eye Dr who is a long time friend, was shocked and amazed at the health of my eyes. I am extremely myopic, but have very little aging in the eye itself.I told him I had a new ND, and he is very excited about how well my eyes are doing. It was much the same at the dentist, I have had fairly healthy gums and teeth, but she commented on how good everything looks.”


“Hi Glen, I have been doing the drops and pills for two and a half days. I truly cannot even explain to you the results! My energy levels are 100 hundred percent better! Its a miracle. I am a believer in anything you’re doing after these last few days. Thank you!!!”

~Rebecca L.

“I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update. I really enjoy the diet. My energy has definitely increased as long as I stay with the prescribed foods you recommended. As long as I stay with the protein it keeps me satisfied. I’m able to focus a lot better and longer. It’s been great! I owe God and you all of the credit!”

~John M.

“I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made with my adrenals and hormones since working with Glen. Stress and the resulting imbalances were taking their toll on my body. What a treasure he is. His gentle, yet powerful treatments have worked wonderfully (and just as importantly – naturally) to bring me back into balance on all levels. He’s so attentive and present for all his patients, and I’m constantly sending people to him because I know they will be cared for fabulously. Thank you so much!”

~Rachel F.

“When I first came in to see Glen, I was so “out of it” and chronically fatigued. Due to my chronic fatigue and physical symptoms, I fell into a state of depression. Once I saw Glen we addressed my adrenal health, emotional suppression and finally a gastrointestinal parasite the was at the core of my challenges. By addressing this I was able to walk away from my symptoms. I found energy again, was able to run, surf and move again. Working through my physical problems as well as addressing my emotional health, I was able to move into the life that I desired.”

~Bridget A.

“So Excellent, Glen. Awesome Explanations, and understandably, many have never heard. I learned these basics years ago from you when you were a health consultant with Dr. Mercola and it all literally saved my life. You and Dr. Mercola saved my ‘life’, and that is not an overstatement. I was in major critical health condition with auto-immune disease….and because of your support and assistance, have been well for years and staying well with your marvelous consul and advice. So appreciate YOU and Depke Wellness now, and wanted you to know. Thanks.”

~Sylvia M.

“Some of you may already know of my recent discoveries of my busy life. As a woman, corporate professional, a human being, our natural state or balance of nutrition and hormones is challenged. After years of body & mind fatigue I was beginning to notice subtle signs of discomfort and concern. In preparation for my new journey I met Glen who opened a new door for me in the world of wellness. It took me several months before my first appointment but then I attended several other events which made seeing Glen a necessity. I have visited with Glen several times and am overly excited to introduce you to him should you be interested.

His initial 90 minute consultation visit is affordable which makes this an even better deal. His concepts are simple and SO logical. Yet until we are “aware”, do we understand how our bodies work, or in my case, don’t work. I thought I scaved Menopause with ease but come to find out it is beyond PMS & Menopause. To our health!”

~Martha M.

“Glen, I had a ‘gluten experience’ I wanted to share with you… I had been gluten free for somewhere between 30 and 40 days. I hosted a Bridal Shower at my home and the day was pretty crazy. Up early getting things ready and stayed up really late cleaning up. I didn’t take the time that day for proper meals and water intake. Plus, I was a little stressed…wanting everyone to have a good time etc. One of my friends slipped me a treat to help me relax 🙂 I didn’t think about the “gluten” factor. Later, I grabbed a small cookie off a platter. Since it was Saturday… I did my “oh well, I will start back on gluten free starting Monday”. I had a piece of fried chicken on Sunday and another cookie. I figured it wasn’t that big a deal…

Monday morning I could barely get out of bed. I was in so much pain. My feet and ankles hurt to walk. My chest and shoulders hurt to breathe. I took small guarded breaths that made me feel dizzy and get diaphoretic and almost pass out.

I had been going to a chiropractor for various pain issues and had noticed while I was gluten free…I had NO PAIN!!! Needless to say…lots of water and back on gluten free that Monday!! By the next day I was 90% better. Within the next 48 hours…back to pain free. I no longer will be counting down 60 days to see if I’d like to stop gluten free!! This gluten free is a must for me!

I look forward to continuing this journey to better health and wellness.”

~Kitter B.

“Glen, “After having two colonoscopies over the time period of 5 years, each with 3 precancerous polyps, I finally had a healthy colonoscopy with no sign of polyps. I attribute this to following your program including gluten free diet, Nutritional ID meal plan, probiotics and your digestive enzymes (Prime Digestive Support). I am looking forward to continued healing by following your advice as you are so knowledgeable and understanding.” Thanks,


“I have always admired your brazen belief in the energy work; it really helped me to have you as someone to look up to when I was starting out with the work and ruled by skepticism. You truly are an inspiration!”

~Molly W.

“You have been so helpful with Laura – both you and Glen and all the stuff you have her on, and the oils, etc. She is really recovering well and really thinks that’s a big part of it.”

~Donna C.

“I had a very interesting experience after my session with you. I had some issues with my Dad and Step-mom and after treatment ran into my Step-mom. The feelings of fear I had once was gone and forgiveness was the next emotion I felt I have had some changes in my life since the last time I saw you. Thank you for treatment.”

~Donna B.

“The supplements are making a difference. I was without them for a couple of days (lost luggage, long story), and really felt drained. Now that I’m back on them, I’m able to make it through the added stress at work without feeling exhausted.”

~Hanna K.

“I came to see Glen because I was waking up in the middle of the night on a regular basis for over a year. He put me on a nutritional plan and within a few days I had so much energy that I didn’t need to take a nap anymore and that was just from the diet change! I was assessed with adrenal imbalances. It was a relief to understand what I was dealing with because previously I had multiple blood tests given by my M.D which never indicated a problem. Glen was able to help me improve my sleep. He worked with me using ERT and journey work. Working with Glen on my emotions has literally transformed my life. I will never be the same because of him.

Glen helped me understand the fact that we are influenced emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually/vibrationally… all those levels play a part in my health. Glen is able to switch modes and help me work through whichever one is most pressing. I am so thankful and grateful to be working with Glen. He has a gift for listening and he is truly passionate about helping people achieve optimal health.”

~Diane W.

“Okay, so why didn’t I know about these magic drops before?? I’ve been following your other advice for my adrenals for about 5 days now and I feel FANTASTIC!! My energy levels are much more consistent, I don’t have that big drop in energy in the afternoon/evening. My moods are much more consistent. Instead of being irritable and moody, I feel refreshed and happy! Thanks again for everything!”

~Patty N.

“I really think the GST was/is the missing link to my health. I never really understood how important it is to have a solid foundation, but I’m now starting to get that and I think it’ll pay off big time. I feel a lot better already!”

~Angelo Paredes