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What is the Gut/Brain Connection?

by Glen Depke So you think your brain is all in your head? Well, think again. Obviously it starts in your head but your brain extends into the brain stem, from there this leads to the vagus nerve which then extends throughout the gastrointestinal system. Yes that same nerve tissue that is within your brain […]

Pure LiquiNutrients

LiquiNutrients (natural mango/orange flavor) *Liquid multivitamin/mineral complex enhanced with fruit and vegetables Indications: √ For adults and children over 4 years Vitamin/Mineral Distinctions: √ Activated vitamins and chelated minerals for optimal absorption Special Features: √ Enhanced with natural beta carotene, lutein, cranberry, tomato and carrot for powerful antioxidant protection.* √ Naturally flavored and sweetened † […]