Your Energy is Depleted?

23721729-f984-4295-a8ae-eb3ecb9ed782Hi. It’s Glen Depke here from Depke Wellness and I want to share with you the one, single biggest complaint that I probably get from at least 98% of the clients that have come in to see me over the years. And that complaint is something you’re likely dealing with yourself right now, which is low energy. You know, just feeling that constant fatigue, that lethargy. The desire to just lay down and take a nap midday. There’s so many ways that you are affected negatively by poor energy. And as I said, it’s the single biggest complaint that I hear on a regular basis.

Why So Much Low Energy?

So, the question is what is this all about. And you’ve heard me in the past talk about things like adrenals and maybe even things like vitamin B12 to help with energy. And there’s so many aspects that tie into energy, but there’s one that I’ve really put very little focus on that has a big impact on energy that I’m going to share with you today. And that is actually your mitochondria. Now you may or may not have heard of mitochondria in the past, but basically, this is the little engine that drives every cell in your body, every cell. And it’s really responsible for about 95 to 97% of your energy.

Mitochondria and Ubiquinol

Now this mitochondria actually does need a supply of its energy, right? And typically when we think of mitochondria, we think of something called CoQ10. The longer name of this is coenzyme Q10. But the challenge here with CoQ10, which should manufactured in your body, or you can get it through a supplement form. But as we age, typically around 35 years old, you start to lose your intrinsic factor. Now your intrinsic factor enables you to convert the CoQ10 into the active form of CoQ10, which is called ubiquinol. And seeing that you ubiquinol is what your body can use to supply energy to the mitochondria, so the mitochondria can supply energy to YOU. And this has a significant impact on your heart, on your brain, on your muscles, on your kidneys and other really extreme fuel-hungry tissue in your body.

So if you really want to increase your energy, just the energy you could utilize on a regular daily basis, but using and increasing energy to those energy hungry tissues. You know, the heart, the muscles, the kidneys, your brain and really provide the ultimate level of wellness you’re looking for, do what I do. And every day I take 300 milligrams of ubiquinol. I’m definitely over that 35 year old frame, so my ability to convert the CoQ10 into ubiquinol is actually lacking compared to when I was younger and therefore, it leads to the fatigue that you’re dealing with.

So I would actually recommend taking ubiquinol for anybody over the age of 35 and especially for people with more severe, chronic challenges with fatigue that you’re dealing with today.

So click on the button on this page and get more information on ubiquinol. And just remember that if you want to escape fatigue and you want to live into a higher amount of energy on every level, the ubiquinol is going to play a significant role for your mitochondria to help your body achieve this goal.

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