Why Can’t You Lose Weight!


by Glen Depke, Founder of Depke Wellness

So perhaps you’ve tried almost everything to lose weight?

Maybe you’ve done Keto, you’ve tried multiple diets, you’ve exercise to exhaustion, you have taken diet pills. I mean, you name it, you’ve done it and you still can’t lose that nagging weight.

Well, if this is the case, this video is specifically for you because very often when people have tried everything and they can’t lose weight, it’s not because there’s something that you’ve done wrong, that you haven’t tried enough diets or tried enough exercise and so on, it just simply that there’s something you’re unaware of that’s going on in your body that’s basically disabling your metabolism. And that one thing for a lot of people is actually heavy metal toxicity, and specifically mercury toxicity.

You see, if you’re toxic in mercury and you’re unaware of this, this can actually lead to some pretty significant brain and hormonal imbalances. Mercury is a known neurotoxin. If it crosses an unhealthy blood-brain barrier or gets into your brain, it can be very symptomatic for your body, create some sleep issues, which in itself can create some challenges with losing weight. But beyond that, from a hormonal perspective, this can significantly negatively impact your adrenals and also your thyroid.

So if your adrenals are impacted, well, this kind of throws off your ability to regulate body weight and fat so it makes it very difficult to lose weight. This can also lead to some challenges with your body’s natural inflammatory response, leading to significant and deeper weight gain. This can also lead to challenges with the thyroid specifically, and really just “jack up” your metabolism. So if you’re dealing with heavy metals and specifically mercury, this could be the factor why you haven’t been successful in losing weight.

Assess Under Tongue

Now, before you just jump into running a test, there are some body signs you can pay attention to. So pay attention to this picture right here. This shows underneath the tongue. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, the two veins under the tongue should be singular veins on each side of the middle of the tongue. If there’s significant branching and bulging and you see these little reddish or purplish spider veins coming out from underneath the tongue, this is a sign of potential heavy metal toxicity. And then if you also look at this picture of the nail, it could be anywhere from a reddish to a bluish, to a purplish color just above the moon of the nail, that’s another potential sign based on traditional Chinese medicine that you could be dealing with heavy metal toxicity.

So whether you have these signs or if you just want to uncover this yourself, what I recommend for my clients at Depke Wellness is something called a urine porphyrin test. You see, most practitioners, they will actually perform a urine test or a hair analysis specifically looking for the heavy metals, specifically looking for the mercury. But what if your body isn’t healthy enough to go through what we consider a healthy detox and drain? Well, if that’s the case, you might not recognize the mercury in those tests. But when you look at a urine porphyrin test…and porphyrins are little proteins that are manufactured in your body that play a role down the pathway to energy and mitochondria. But porphyrins in your body will react to different metals and different toxins in your body. So you don’t have to depend on your body going through what you would consider a healthy detox and healthy drain to recognize what’s going on in your body.

So if you find that this is an issue for you, you’ve paid attention to the body signs and you recognize this could be something going on and you want to do the urine porphyrin tests to recognize potentially what’s going on in your body from a heavy metal toxicity standpoint, click on the button below in this page and you can actually get further information on that urine porphyrin test. And once you have that recognition, you can go through the proper steps to get your body prepared for a healthy detox and the weight loss that has been alluding you.

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