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Caffeine: Pros/Cons


by Glen Depke I have shared for years that we have three legal drugs available to us on a regular basis. These three drugs are sugar, alcohol and our subject today which is caffeine. Searching a medical dictionary, the definition of a drug is, a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or […]

Steps for Optimal Healing


by Glen Depke You have heard me in the past discuss most aspects of healing but how do you put it all together. Well, there is one way to do this that I definitely do not recommend and that is doing it all at once. Your body, mind and spirit did not fall apart all […]

Where do I Find Wellness?


by Glen Depke It is of utmost importance to recognize that you always find health and wellness within yourself and never externally. With this in mind, I can share that I have recognized some key patterns that lead to overall imbalances and symptoms of disease. These patterns that I will address are the recognized core […]

Why Are My Adrenals So Exhausted?

Today’s post on the adrenals is not to address the function of the adrenal glands or the physical challenges created by adrenal exhaustion. Today we are going to address the challenges that actually lead to this adrenal exhaustion. If you want to learn more about the role of adrenals or dysfunction created by imbalanced adrenals, […]

Adrenal Insufficiency

Do you have challenges with sleep, low sexual desire, weight gain in the midsection, digestive challenges, endocrine challenges, poor immune function, low energy, poor muscular/skeletal health, poor mental clarity, inflammatory challenges, poor detoxification and/or blood sugar challenges? If you answered yes to any of these, then this very well could have a significant tie into […]