Where do I Find Wellness?

by Glen Depke It is of utmost importance to recognize that you always find health and wellness within yourself and never externally. With this in mind, I can share that I have recognized some key patterns that lead to overall imbalances and symptoms of disease. These patterns that I will address are the recognized core challenges for at least 90% of dis-ease and the pain and suffering of symptoms. The first place to look is within your fundamentals, yet this is the simple starting point that is so often overlooked. I like to compare building your health to building a house. When you are building a house you have fundamentals such as bricks, lumber, nails, roofing, ect. When you are building your health you also have fundamentals. These fundamentals are listed below in matter of importance but note that while they have a matter of importance but are also of equal importance, if that makes sense to you. When addressing these we are looking at providing your body with proper amounts of oxygen, water, nutrition correct for your bio-chemical individuality, proper restful sleep habits, adequate bodily movement on every level and regular exposure to the sun per your skin tone. The foundation of this house is built through your overall energy flow, which is so often blocked by negative emotions that are suppressed or expressed in an unhealthy way. If any of the fundamentals of health are imbalanced for any length of time, the next area to be challenged is your adrenal glands. Once the adrenals are challenged for a length of time this will more than likely lead to issues within your gastrointestinal health. From there the body finds it difficult to detoxify with the eventual result of the pain and suffering of symptoms. This cycle then continues and unfortunately the symptoms challenges generally get worse; not better. I don’t typically recommend addressing everything at once. This is generally too much for most people and honestly does not set up the body for proper healing. Always address the fundamentals first, followed by the adrenals. Based on my years of experience this is the best way to find your health. Once you balance these two areas, often you will find yourself back in balance. If you have not found your balance at that point then you know you need to look at the gastrointestinal tract and detoxification. Steps though…working in steps is so important. What’s the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” The reason why the adrenals are so important to address is due to the impact the adrenals have on your body. Your adrenals have a direct effect functionally on the areas listed below. * Endocrine System * Metabolism of Fat and Protein * Detoxification * Immune System Function * Inflammation * Blood Sugar Balance * Muscular/Skeletal Health * Neural Connectivity Often my clients can look at this list and pick out many areas that they already recognize as challenged. Don’t let time add to the list for you. Another important aspect of addressing adrenal exhaustion is to assess your adrenal function and utilize a protocol to allow your body to assist the adrenals back into balance. This has been a big part of my protocol all the way back to my days working alongside Dr. Mercola back in the Chicago area. Thank you for taking your time to review this article and I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can.

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