Steps for Optimal Healing

by Glen Depke You have heard me in the past discuss most aspects of healing but how do you put it all together. Well, there is one way to do this that I definitely do not recommend and that is doing it all at once. Your body, mind and spirit did not fall apart all at once and it is not going to move into balance all at once either. So many individuals seek assistance from others or take all the information they have researched and then want to do it all at once and all right now! I am sure you have seen this before; it is a cultural challenge. So many of my clients come into my practice that have already worked with incredible practitioners and followed some awesome protocols, yet still feel frustrated with the lack of success. This is more than often do to the fact that they are on step C, but have yet to work on steps A and B. Make sense? As an example, if a client has brain symptoms, I would not jump into protocols to balance the brain. I would start with their fundamentals, address their adrenal health, then the gut and then finally the brain. So here is the fun part. Often by the time we get the the last steps, the challenge or symptom is often gone. So even though the symptom may have appeared to be in the brain, maybe it was actually an adrenal or gut challenge. Maybe the gut or adrenal challenge was simply tied into the foundation of your fundamentals, which is your mental/emotional health. So the whole problem may have originated from stress. If this was the case, you may have found a small level of relief addressing the brain symptom but overall, you would have not found your level of balance due to the lack of addressing your reaction to stress in your life. While nothing is absolute, I want to show you the flow and patterns I have seen thousands of times with clients in my practice. Addressing your health in this way will start at the beginning and allow one step to build upon the other. Ultimately this can create many mini successes along the way to continue your further balance and allow you to reach your goals of optimal health and wellness.  Very exciting! Here are the steps I typically follow when assisting my clients with chronic health challenges. First I always address the fundamentals of health along with assessing their adrenal function. Once we have some balance in the fundamentals and adrenals, I would recommend addressing the gut/immune connection. Once these areas are addressed, it would be best to look at neurological function and address healing the aging brain. Once the aging brain is moving toward balance, you can then start detoxification and any lingering nutrient replacement. As I mentioned earlier, it is often the case that my clients do not have to address every single level because the underlying challenges are so often addressed earlier in the game and they are feeling health and balance. Some have to go through at the steps while others do not. Since we cannot know this at the beginning, it does not make sense to try to do it all at once. At least it does not make sense to me. What makes sense to you is really the question. For those that have any questions or comments to this article, feel free to leave a comment below.

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