Does Under Your Tongue Look Like This?

By Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Special thanks to Dr. Chi for some pictures and information shared here today.

You may have read the article on cherry angiomas a few weeks ago. You know, those little red raised bumps on your body. Remember it was mentioned that cherry angiomas could be a sign of estrogen dominance and/or liver congestion.

Today I am going to provide signs that would make liver congestion the suspect here.

If you missed the article on cherry angiomas you can read this here.

So, do you ever look under your tongue?

This picture to the right is something that I see with some regularity with the clients I work with and under your tongue may actually look the same for you right now.

Detect Liver Problems Early

Dark, branching veins under the tongue (Figure 1)
Having more than two branching and bulging veins indicates liver disease. This can be a manifestation of varices or bulging blood vessels in the esophagus due to portal hypertension as a complication of liver disease, especially liver cirrhosis. When these varices rupture, it can cause you to vomit blood.

Thick, wide tongue (Figure 2)
A thick, wide tongue may indicate hepatitis or even liver cancer.

Large cherry angiomas on the chest and abdomen (Figure 3)
This can indicate either estrogen dominance or liver problems, or both.

Spider veins on chest and abdomen (Figure 4)
Combined with generalized skin itching, spider veins on the chest and abdomen may indicate liver cirrhosis








Red palm
This develops due to portal hypertension as a result of liver disease.

Paying attention to these signs above provides you the opportunity to prevent serious health issues rather than dealing with a significant diagnosis and trying to recover from late stages of disease states.

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