Urgent Coronavirus Upate

by Glen Depke, Founder of Depke Wellness

Updated on 03/08/2020

Worried about the Coronavirus?

Many people are and understandably with the type of media attention this is receiving.

Listen to this interview here to understand how the Coronavirus may affect you, and what you can do about this today.

Statistics on the Coronavirus, who is being infected and the fatality rate can be found here, and is very important for you to understand.

Get this statistical information here now.

And on top of this, there are now cases that have been documented in the US as well. This is not just an issue in China. This is a global issue.

As I researched this, there is not specific medical intervention to address this and no vaccine. And even if there was, the efficiency of this may be questionable at best.

You likely recall a different strain of this virus referred to as SARS that was a concern is the not so distant past.

Previously, this was thought to be tied into the consumption of bats or snakes in China but this is no longer looked at as fact.

Get the untold truth on the origination of the Coronavirus here.

So back to how this can be spread, and more importantly, what can you do to protect yourself and prevent this from being an issue for you.

This exposure is not only from a respiratory perspective. You can also contract this virus through your eyes, ears and any other entrance point of your body.

So if you think your safe by simply wearing a mask, think again.

What the heck are you supposed to do then?

It’s not like locking yourself in your home is a viable option, so I am going to tell you what I’m doing to protect myself and you can use whatever information you desire from this.

I had recently learned of a First Defense Nasal Screen that I will use whenever I travel until this is under control. And heck, if this becomes a much bigger issue in the future, I may use these routinely.

These will provide the benefits below.

  • Latex free, hypo-allergenic, non-visible
  • Helps alleviate respiratory suffering by comfortably filtering inhaled air and removing airborne germs, allergens and/or noxious particles
  • Greatly reduces inhalation of allergens
  • All natural, light weight, no need to insert

The big focus though is in supporting your immune system. After all, most people the have serious complications and death from these issues are those that have weakened immune systems and are missing the body’s natural response to an infection.

Lifestyle Support

There are definitely some lifestyle choices you can make to help your immune system.

  • Focus on getting at least eight hours of sleep nightly and getting to bed by 10pm to enjoy that immune system maintenance and repair as you sleep
  • Significantly cut back sugar consumption as excess sugar depresses immunity. Studies have shown that an intake of about 75 to 100 grams of a sugar solution (which is equivalent to two 12-ounce sodas) can suppress your body’s immune responses. Simple sugars, including glucose, table sugar, fructose and honey caused a 50% drop in the ability of white blood cells to engulf bacteria. While the immune suppression was most noticeable two hours after consuming sugar, the effect was still evident five hours after consumption.
  • Cut back on alcohol consumption. Alcohol can damage your immune system, increasing your risk of potentially fatal illnesses such as viral or bacterial pneumonia, understanding that the Coronavirus can lead to viral pneumonia and often accompanies a secondary bacterial pneumonia. Alcohol affects the way health gut microbes interact with the immune system and also affects the respiratory system. Excessive drinking may impair the function of immune cells in the lungs and respiratory system, leading to increased risk for viral or bacterial pneumonia. Excessive drinking reduces the population and function of three important types of cells in your immune system referred to as macrophages, T and C cells. And when B and T cells are suppressed, your immune system is less effective at identifying and destroying invading pathogens. Although regular heavy drinking is clearly the worst for your immune system, binge drinking can also knock out your immune system temporarily. It may not seem like a big deal to have your immune system impaired for only a few hours, but if you happen to be in a crowded place and your defenses will be lowered when you are most likely exposed to the Coronavirus.
  • Also, be sure to wash your hands diligently and be extra careful about where you put your hands. Make sure you use a tissue or similar if you are touching inside your nose, ears, mouth or even itching your eyes. Understand that you can come in contact with a pathogen and easily expose your body by touching these areas.
  • Be sure you are drinking mostly water and about one quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight daily to help clear your kidneys and colon, thus helping your body rid itself of this toxic virus.
  • Also incorporate regular deep breathing throughout your day to help de-stress with consistency because stress can also suppress your immune system response.

Supplement Support

Here’s what I am taking to support my immune system.

  • Liposomal Vitamin C to support immune system function and naturally increase white blood cell production.* Rather than using regular vitamin C, liposomal vitamin C can be taken in higher doses. When I feel I need the extra “protection” I’ll take up to five capsules twice daily upon waking and before bedtime.
  • A Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula is important to help support your gastrointestinal system, knowing that at least 70% of your immune system originates in your gut.* I take two of these in the morning when I wake up, providing at least a 40 billion count of beneficial bacteria.
  • Fermented Beta Glucans can help you balance and support your immune system.* Plus, it can help you build your immune defenses to enjoy improved year-round immune, respiratory and sinus health with its two extraordinary ingredients:* I take two of these in the morning before my first meal. https://depkewellness.com/product/fermented-beta-glucans/
  • Fermented Elderberry also offers significant immune support.* The fruit of the Sambucus, or European elder plant, European black elderberry contains unique polyphenol compounds, called anthocyananins, that offer broad immune support benefits along with extremely high-antioxidant activity properties. I take two of these before dinner. https://depkewellness.com/product/fermented-elderberry/
  • Bamboo Extract has been shown to provide a positive benefit in assisting the body in overcoming bacterial pneumonia naturally.* This is important because of the possibility of developing a secondary bacterial infection along with the Coronavirus, leading to viral and bacterial pneumonia. When traveling, I prefer to take two capsules twice daily after meals.
  • Liposomal Vitamin D is very supportive to immune system function and with this advanced liposomal technology, you don’t need to rely on your digestive system to break the vitamin D3 down into absorbable fragments as it must with non-liposomal vitamin D.* I typically recommend a 5000 IU capsule and if you get regular sun exposure, take one daily with a meal and if you do not get daily sun exposure, take one twice daily with meals.

So if you are concerned about the Coronavirus, which is a viable concern, you know have a positive focus on how to support your immune system from a lifestyle and supplement perspective.

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