What did the fingernails and tongue tell us?

by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath It was quite an amazing few days in the office recently with Dr Chi. He provided and amazing 90 minute lecture for a packed house and assessed over 70 clients within a three day span. We actually spent some time putting together the statistics based on his supplement recommendations to see what the most common underlying challenges were with this control group of these individuals. These results were astounding and I cannot help but think of how many others would benefit from the fingernail and tongue assessment. Here are the most common challenges we saw based on Dr Chi’s findings over the three days along with Dr Chi’s common supplement recommendations for these challenged areas. Instead of describing the efficiency of each product individually in this article, we provided a link to each for you to understand these with much deeper comprehension. We do not typically place product links in our articles to this degree but we made an exception today to further your knowledge and education on fingernail and tongue analysis and potential solutions to assist your body in achieving balance. Enjoy! Poor Circulation This is recognized by a lack of moons on the fingers. These are the small white half moons at the base of your nails. You
Lunulae (Half Moon)
Lunulae (Half Moon)
should have a moon on your thumb and the next three fingers without one on the little finger. Absence of one or more moons or even too small of moons signals a deficiency in cellular oxygen levels and poor circulation. The main article picture shows fingernails that are missing all these moons. This deficiency leads to symptoms such as cold hands, cold feet and sometimes a general numbness in certain parts of the body. Poor circulation could be caused by circulatory blockage, which may be due to heavy metals or the accumulation of triglycerides and other lipids in the system. You may also feel weak and fatigued along with memory loss. There are even greater risk for those that lack the proper moons such as high incidents of Candida infection or even cancer. Note that the existence of the moons is dependent on your body being saturated with oxygen and a lack of oxygen in the body is an acidic state leading to a host of health challenges. If the moons are large and/or there is a moon on the little finger, this would be a strong cardiovascular risk. This is especially true if this would coincide with a crease on either or both earlobes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This was recognized by Dr Chi’s recommendations for Vein Lite and Oxypower. He would most often include Asparagus Extract along with these supplements because of it’s supportive factor. All three of these are combined in the Circulation Comprehensive Program. Interestingly enough, I am on all three of these personally and yes, I do personally have a visit with Dr Chi as his patient every time he visits our office. Cherry Angiomas Cherry angiomas are small raised red bumps on the skin. They are a manifestation of estrogen attacking blood vessels, Cherry angiomascausing an aneurysm. With this is mind, this is why there is most often a hormonal issue tied into these angiomas. The location of the angiomas is also very important in understanding this deeper and they are often found on the abdomen, head, neck, arms or thighs. If these are found on the abdomen first look for a liver problem, then look for hormonal imbalance. Excessive hormone production, specifically estrogen hormones can burden the liver. Abdominal cherry angiomas on the abdomen of men can signal liver, prostate or reproductive problems while in women this can signal liver, breast or ovarian issues. If you notice the cherry angiomas on the head and hairline, this can signify a risk factor for stoke. This is what shows up for me personally. I have 5 cherry angiomas on my right temple fore head area. This is the reason I take the combination of Vein Lite and Oxypower I mentioned above. It is always better to recognize a potential challenge and use preventive measures than to blindly let ourselves live into a deeper chronic issue and then attempt to overcome. Recognition and prevention is the key and Dr Chi’s fingernail and tongue analysis provides this gift for all of us. To understand the potential of cherry angiomas as a hormonal and specifically an estrogen dominance presentation, you can combine the recognition of the angiomas along with red dots on the tongue or white specs on the fingernails. If Dr Chi was concerned about estrogen dominance he recommended Myomin as an aromatase inhibitor but if the concerns were liver related he was recommending Liver Chi. If Dr Chi suspected deeper female hormone issues, his recommendation was the combination of Myomin and Chi-F as seen in the Female Hormone Balance Protocol. When I see these signs with my clients I always run a comprehensive adrenal saliva panel because this will assess not only adrenal hormones but also estrogen hormones. This will allow us to recognize if estrogen dominance it truly the issue of provide insight to look further into liver function. Lack of Moons and Cherry Angiomas Together This was also found together for so many people. Remember that when there is an extreme lack of moons, meaning either moons on only the thumbs or missing all the moons all together, this can be a risk factors for cancer or other severe oxygen depletion health challenges. Team this sign up with the cherry angiomas and a possibility of estrogen dominance or other potential hormone imbalances, this can be a strong risk factor for cancer. More specifically, the potential for breast cancer for women and prostrate cancer for men. Dr Chi describes in his lecture that we all have cancer cells that are simply sitting patiently awaiting angiogenesis. Angiogensis is defined as the formation of new blood vessels, especially blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to cancerous tissue. Understanding that the cancer cells are simply waiting for an extreme increase in blood supply to quickly proliferate with the risk of a future diagnosis of cancer. Many patients that say Dr Chi did have this risk factor and were recommended this protocol as a preventive measure for cancer and if the concerns were tied directly into the potential of hormone imbalance Myomin, mentioned above, was added into the equation. Cracks in the Tongue Another major issue that was present in many was a crack in the mid portion of the tongue. Cracks in the tongue body will Young man sticking out his tonguecorrelate to different systems of the body depending on the location and the depth of the cracks signifies the severity of the condition. Cracks that are deeper than 2 mm are considered to be associated with very severe problems, while cracks less than 2 mm deep tend to correlate with acute situations and are not as dire. If the tongue has cracks this is most often due to chronic digestive problems and the likelihood of this leading to vitamin B deficiencies as well as spleen and stomach problems. Usually these lines appear directly related to the stomach and spleen which would tie into weak Chi energy, poor metabolism and poor absorption. Cracks near the back of the tongue or root of the tongue is likely tied into poor kidney function. Cracking toward the front of the tongue, down the center, is most often due to gastrointestinal or stomach issues. For the deeper stomach and gastrointestinal issues Dr Chi most often recommended Digestron and GI Chi and if constipation was and issue CFC would also be recommended. Weight Loss Many people were also interesting in weight loss when addressing their appointment with Dr Chi. Dr Chi was looking at weight loss as more of a hormonal and neurological issue. When weight loss was a desire for patients he was seeing, he made a recommendation of Pro Metabolic that assist with natural thyroid hormone production, Myomin for overall hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance and Slender All to tie in the neurological imbalances that lead to weight gain. All three of these supplements are in the Weight Loss Management System. Teeth Marks Another significant marker that Dr Chi was viewing with his patients was teeth marks on the outside of the tongue, AKA Tongue 2scallops. These teeth marks on the side of the tongue are due to the imprint of the teeth onto the tongue, generally caused by water retention in the organ. Water retention can be attributed to spleen or pancreas issues, signally the need for improvement in the digestive system since the spleen and pancreas are both significantly connected with the digestive tract. If the teeth marks are very deep this could tie directly into kidney and its effect on edema in the body. If the teeth marks were mild Dr Chi was most often recommending Diabend because of the likelihood of this being a blood sugar issue and if the teeth marks were deeper, he was recommending Kidney Chi to assist with kidney function and I noticed that he most often recommended this along with Asparagus Extract, due to its ability to also assist with kidney function. While there were many other recommendations that Dr Chi made such as Relaxin to help with sleep and/or anxiety, Bamboo Extract for respiratory issues, Myosteo for headaches/migraines or nerve pain or Chi Happiness to help with elevated cortisol levels or feelings of depression, the areas mentioned in this article were the main factors that we saw as the result of Dr Chi’s assessments with the 81 patients that he saw over the two day period in my office. If fingernail and tongue analysis is of interest to you, I would recommend Dr Chi’s book “Fingernail & Tongue Analysis” to educate individuals on how to effectively use physical signs such as teeth marks and lunulae (moons on the fingernails) in determining the status of our health. You will be amazed at how accurate these physical signs are! If you are looking for Dr Chi’s specific supplemental recommendation for each body sign, this could be found in the “Dr Chi’s Herbal Formulas” book. These books are appropriate for the public as education as well as professionals for reference. I hope you enjoyed reviewing Dr Chi’s most common findings in his recent visit. Remember, as mentioned earlier in this article, recognition and prevention is the key and Dr Chi’s fingernail and tongue analysis provides this gift for all of us. If you have any comments or questions regarding this article please post this on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page for us to address personally. 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