Beat the Summertime Blues

by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath It’s summer time, so you know what that means. Ton’s of parties, travel, fun and lots of food and drink available. You may be falling into the summertime blues. So many of you have spent the first six months of the year getting your body in shape for the summer months. You know, getting that bikini body ready or working on your six pack abs. Or perhaps for you it was losing that last nagging ten pounds of weight you put on over the last winter. Regardless of what you had to do to get ready for the summer. Don’t lose it! This is the trap that you fall into every year. The summer comes and all “you know what” breaks loose.” Summer parties and vacations have already started.
  • There are so many tempting options of unhealthy snacks and meal choices
  • The alcohol is typically flowing at your summer parties
  • You tend to reduce your exercise routine
  • Vacation eating and drinking is taking you down
  • You’re sleep has suffered
  • Perhaps your starting a dependency on some iced caffeine drinks
  • Your vacation is set up with stress and a lack of healthy planning
  • You may already see your summer body starting dwindle by now
  • You’re out in the sun more than is healthy
  • You may also be overwhelmed with too much to do (yes, too many parties and gatherings)
Here is how you can address these and throw away the summer time blues. There are so many tempting options of unhealthy snacks and meal choices First off, do not go to you summertime gathering starving because this will most often lead to overeating and perhaps a lack of control of what you are putting in your mouth. Have a small healthy snack before heading to your parties. Maybe some celery sticks with sliced avocado or a nut butter? The other option is to bring a healthy dish with you. This way you know that there is something you will enjoy that also fits into your healthy nutritional needs. My wife and I  will typically bring a healthy side dish or something that provides us a healthy option. Another great option is to forego the potato and corn chips and use veggies as your vehicle for your favorite guacamole or other favorite dips. If you’re not sure if you friends are going to have veggies out for dipping, be sure to bring some with. And bring extra, likely somebody else will enjoy them with you. The alcohol is typically flowing at your summer parties This one most often takes us down. First off, never drink on an empty stomach because alcohol can absorb right through the stomach lining and take a direct route to your brain. Always eat first, then drink. Second, stay away from beer and sugary drinks. Many people are gluten sensitive and beer typically contains gluten. Worse than just that is that for those with a gluten sensitivity, if you drink any alcohol and consume gluten at the same time, this will worsen the gluten reaction about ten fold. Third, always drink a large glass of water (about 20 ounces) between every alcoholic beverage you enjoy this summer. This will keep you hydrated (alcohol is dehydrating) and it will also leave you drinking less alcohol. You tend to reduce your exercise routine Simple but difficult at the same time, maintain your routine. It is so easy to get pulled in so many different directions during the summer but keeping up with your exercise routine is so important. Make this a priority and your body will reward you for this. If you find your summer party schedule is not leaving you time to exercise, put your fitness program in your schedule or “to do” list for the week. If it is planned, you will more likely follow through. If that still is not working, find a workout friend to help keep you accountable. Vacation eating and drinking is taking you down I am sure you see this one all the time. You head out for vacation and every healthy habit is left at home. Absolutely have fun on vacation and let your hair down a bit but have a plan. Perhaps you bring some healthy snacks with you, or you can shop once you reach your destination. If you are going to a restaurant for every meal when vacationing, simply make better choices. You can always order a protein, veggie and fat together at most any restaurant. Stay away from the breads, pastas, sugar laden options and basically any simple carbs. Allow yourself a couple of “whatever happens” meals on vacation but make healthy choices for your other meals. You’ll actually enjoy your vacation so much more when you do this. Follow the alcohol tips mentioned earlier. You’re sleep has suffered This is a tough combo, we typically are up later with all the parties and with the sun rising so much earlier, we are often up early also. The key is getting to bed at a decent time. I would still shoot for being in bed somewhere between 10:00 pm and 11:00pm at the absolute latest. When you have a party to attend, go early and leave at a decent time so you can still get a health nights sleep. Too often people go to parties late, which will tend you leave you staying later and cutting into your sleep time. Also make sure you completely cover the windows of your bedroom so the morning sun is not waking you too early. Perhaps your starting a dependency on some iced caffeine drinks I see this all the time. Too many parties, not enough sleep, lack of exercise, poor food choices, too much alcohol and not enough water all leaves you exhausted. Unfortunately the answer is your iced latte. I know, they taste so good and are so refreshing but in the end, they are simply leaving you more exhausted than you were in the first place. You can use our recipe for a little pick me up, while still providing some fun. We make a mocktail with a flavored coconut kefir, water, a little mineral water and a lime wedge. This will be a much healthier treat for you and leave you feeling more refreshed long term. I also take the Prime Energy Support twice per day to maintain my energy levels. This is an invaluable addition for you too. Your vacation is set up with stress and a lack of healthy planning Far too often getting ready for your vacation leaves you completely stressed out and exhausted. This will leave you with a tired immune system, setting you up for challenges on your vacation. So here’s some simple steps you can take for vacation.
  • Make a list weeks before vacation for everything you are going to need to bring with you
  • Start packing days before vacation
  • Take some type of antioxidant while traveling to support your body. Both my wife and I use a Buffered Effer C, which is quick, easy and inexpensive.
  • Drink plenty of water and if you are flying, bring a liter of water on the plain with you and plan on drinking the whole bottle yourself.
  • Check the Internet ahead of time and look for healthy choice restaurants in the area you are traveling to.
  • Make sure you get adequate sleep on vacation.
  • Follow the tips earlier on alcoholic beverages also
You’re out in the sun more than is healthy Cover up is key number one. Wear a hat and loose fitting clothing that covers a good portion of your body. If you are laying in a lounge chair, find some shade. You’ll get plenty of sun as you are out and about, so you don’t need to bake on a lounge chair also. Only stay out in the sun long enough for a little tan and not a sun burn. And even if you use a healthy sunscreen (which is recommended), this does not give you permission to overdo the sun exposure. This is a thought that gets many in trouble. You may also be overwhelmed with too much to do (yes, too many parties and gatherings) This one is simple. The power of the word NO! It is fine to say no every once and a while to a party and especially if you are invited to too many on a regular basis. If you are the type of person that does not want to miss out (that’s me, LOL!), make some of your parties alcohol free. Some “dry” parties may make a big difference for you. You may already see your summer body starting dwindle by now It does not matter if it seems like you are losing the summertime blues battle. Follow the suggestions in the article now and you’ll find you way back to your healthy and lean body sooner than you’d think. So by all means, enjoy your summer, enjoy your parties but follow these tips so you do not fall into the summertime blues. Your body and mind will thank you! If you have any comments or questions regarding this article please post this on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page for us to address personally. Contact Depke Wellness directly here. “The products on this page have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”  

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