Your Back Could Be “Jacked Up” Like Mine

by Glen Depke, Traditional NaturopathHuman Male Spine Anatomy

While I am not a chiropractor, I tell my clients all the time that quality chiropractic care is a part of your fundamentals of health. The health of your spine is truly one of the simple, but often over looked aspects of your health.

Throughout the years, I have had many, many adjustments from a dozen or more chiropractors.

So with this said, I felt as if I was taking care of my spine.

Yet, what I realized, I only dabbled in chiropractic care. An adjustment here and there with little to no consistency.

After all, I do not have back pain, I always feel as if I have a strong back and overall do not have recognized symptoms as I have seen in so many through the years.

Yet recently, I had seen the light in regard to my spine and trust me, you could be dealing with the same issue yourself.

I had a complete evaluation of the health of my spine, including x-rays, and I was shocked!

My cervical vertebrae (neck) does not have the natural curve. My thoracic vertebrae (mid back) also does not have the proper curvature. And my lumber (low back) has 3 discs that are in back shape. On top of this, my mid back has additional alignment issues.

Overall, this impacts my knees (often an issue for me), my energy, my digestion, my heart and so much more…

And remember, I did not have back pain or “issues” with my back.

When I talk to my chiropractic friends, they always share the by the time you have back pain, there has typically been issues for quite some time, that you simply did not know about.

I can relate with this for sure.

So if you already have back pain or discomfort and you have not seen a chiropractor, what are you waiting for?

And if you do not have back pain or discomfort and you have not seen a chiropractor, again, what are you waiting for?

As I mentioned earlier, I had only dabbled in chiropractic care and have now made a focused commitment to getting my back “right” again.

After only a few weeks:

  • I feel taller
  • My wife says I do not look taller but it is much sexier to have proper posture
  • I have more energy
  • My brain seems to be working better
  • I am much more comfortable sitting with proper posture
  • My knees feel better
  • Heck, even my golf game had improved

So I am no longer dabbling and I am going to continue with this care until my back is healthy and happy.

The other note that I want to make is to work with a chiropractor that goes beyond just “adjusting” your back. Personally, I have a series of exercises that I do daily to help with the curve in my neck and to help with my posture overall. I also have some exercises for stretching the front of my lower legs, which was another area of concern that was recognized.

So you see, a chiropractor is essential for your health and it is definitely more that just your back we are talking about here.

It is really the whole of your body!

Here is a list of chiropractors that I have seen and am confident in their care.

I am sure there are many chiropractors that I know and am forgetting to mention, but you get the picture, go visit a chiropractor!

I will also share that when looking for a chiropractor, it is always a good idea to ask for referrals from friends and/or family members that you trust.

Also look for a chiropractor that is going to provide stretches, movements, exercises and/or other tools for self care. To me, this is so important.

*And remember, I am not a chiropractor, but support quality chiropractic care. This article is the result of my circumstance and your experience may vary.

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