Who Doesn’t Have Allergies?

by Glen Depke

Allergies are a very common challenge these days. I often have clients visit me for an initial consultation providing me with an allergy testing result, only to tell me in anguish that they are allergic to EVERYTHING. I cannot even begin to explain the look of hopelessness on the faces of those that share this news with me. 

If you are one of those…there is hope! 

Even if your allergy issues are not to that degree, there is a very good chance this is effecting your life on multiple levels. After all, allergies are implicated in any of these challenges listed below. 

Allergies are Implicated in these Ailments

The release of excessive amounts of Histamine from the Mast Cells due to the body’s defense against Antigens is responsible for most of the symptoms of Allergies.

Digestive System 
(Food) Allergies to Gliadin is the direct cause of Celiac Disease.    

Allergies (especially Food Allergies) can be an underlying cause of Colic.    

Allergies (especially Food Allergies) are the underlying cause of some cases of Duodenal Ulcers.    

There is some evidence that Allergies (particularly Food Allergies) may be an underlying cause of some cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Excretory System
Allergies can be the underlying cause of some cases of Bed Wetting (nocturnal enuresis).

Allergies can be the underlying cause of Eye Inflammation – Allergy based Eye Inflammations cause watery Eyes due to the release of excessive Histamine by the body’s Mast Cells.

Immune System 
Allergies may increase the risk of some type of Cancer.    

Allergies that are caused by the entry of Antigens into the body result in the production of excessive amounts of several Antibodies (Immunoglobulins) – including IgA, IgG and IgM.    

Allergies increase the burden on the Immune System and cause the body to become more prone to Infection by:  
– Detrimental Bacteria

Detrimental Fungi (including Detrimental Yeasts and Detrimental Moulds).


Milld Fatigue can occur as a result of Allergies.

Musculoskeletal System 
Lumbago can occur as a result of the release of Histamine by Mast Cells that occurs within the body as a response to Allergies.

Food Allergies exacerbate the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Nervous System
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) patients are commonly found to have Allergies (Food Allergies) – many researchers have therefore speculated that (Food) Allergies may be an underlying cause of ADD.    

Allergies (Food Allergies) are a common trigger for Migraines.    

Allergies (especially Food Allergies) increase the risk of Multiple Sclerosis (people afflicted with MS have a higher-than-average incidence of Food Allergies).    

Polyradiculitis normally occurs as a result of Allergies. 

Tinnitus can occur as a result of Allergies.

Respiratory System  
Allergies (including Food Allergies) are a common underlying cause of Asthma.    

Allergies are the underlying cause of some cases of (chronic) Bronchitis.    

Allergies are the underlying cause of some cases of Emphysema.    

Hay Fever is caused by Allergies to wind-borne Pollens.    

Congestion of the Nasal Passages of the Nose is often attributable to Allergies.    

Sinusitis can occur as a result of Allergies (especially Food Allergies) (i.e. as a result of continued exposure to Allergy-causing Antigens).

Allergies are often the underlying cause of Dermatitis.    

Allergies are often the underlying cause of Eczema.    

Allergies are often the underlying cause of Hives.    

Itching is a side effect of many Allergies.  

Psoriasis can occur as a result of Allergies.  

Rashes, reddening, Inflammation and flushing of the Skin often occurs as a result of Allergies – either Food Allergies or Skin Allergies- (due to release of excessive amounts of Histamine from the body’s Mast Cells)

I know, now it may even seem even more hopeless.

The good news is there are multiple ways to address this and potentially completely alleviate your allergy challenges and symptoms associated with this.

First of all don’t look at the allergies as the problem. I am typically not addressing the allergies with my clients, but when we address the underlying components, the allergies generally take care of themselves.

So why do you have allergies?

Typically this is tied into a poor functioning immune system.

So why is the immune system functioning poorly?

Immune system function is generally poor due to gastrointestinal issues. If you have not heard this enough from me already, approximately 80% of you immune function originates in the gut. If you have any gut challenge at all, know that this is affecting your immune function on a significant level. Your gastrointestinal challenges may be as simple as bloating, distention, flatulence or gas or this may be more challenging such as leaky gut, pathogen infections or other significant symptomatic challenges.

Often times, some of the less challenging issues can be addressed by the use of a quality probiotic and digestive enzyme.

The more significant challenges are best addressed by your qualified natural health provider.

What if allergies are an issue and you do not have gastrointestinal symptoms?

Often when this is the case, there is a deeper issue with brain function. If you do know already, the brain and your gut are truly one system. If you have a brain problem, this will often manifest as a gut symptom. Likewise, if you have a gut problem, this can manifest as a brain symptom. With this said, recognize if there is a problem with your brain on any level, this is also a problem with your gut. With this said, this leaves you with a less than optimal functioning immune system and allergy challenges are likely to be a challenge for you.

With this said, you can see that your allergies are really not the issue. These are only symptoms of deeper challenges that are in dire need of being addressed. Also recognizing the wide array of challenges that can be tied into your allergies and you can see the need to take care of your gut/brain/immune connection.

If you have any comments or questions in regard to this article, leave a post below and I will address this personally.


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