What the Heck is in My Water?

by Glen Depke
Great question, what the heck is in your water?
Here’s a hint, it’s not good old H2O anymore.
Before I answer this, I would like to set up the behind the scenes on this article.
A recent client of mine is the motivation for this article. I have a client that I have been assisting for some time, fundamentals of health, emotional release, adrenal dysfunction as well as recognized gut pathogens. The funny thing though (not funny to her), is that her symptoms were actually worsening. This had both of us perplexed and likely I more perplexed than her. At least on my end, I see the protocols work with consistency with most of my clients. It is actually surprising to me when we work through the Depke Wellness protocols and progress is not outcome and even more surprising when new symptoms occur or if old symptoms worsen.
Well, this was the case with the particular client I am mentioning.
From here we needed to look deeper. We needed to find that hidden challenge and find this now. I suggest this urgency because you can see it on the face, feel it in the voice and energy of those at the end of their rope. A sort of desperation!
We discussed a few testing options based on some suspected challenges and decided to test for metal toxicity. To make the long story short, this person was shown to be toxic in arsenic and not surprisingly, all the symptoms of arsenic poisoning mirrored the symptoms she was feeling. Extreme fatigue, numbing and tingling in the extremities, loss of proper neurological sensation, pain and more…
The next step of course was to set up a proper detoxification protocol but also find the source of this arsenic toxicity. As you may suspect based on the focus of this article, the arsenic source was from contaminated water.
The sad thing is, this did not have to be a challenge at all.
There are more than enough ways to filter arsenic and so many other contaminates from a contaminated water source. Today’s article is not about water filtration systems, so I will simply share what I do to protect myself and my family.
In my house and our office, we use reverse-osmosis water filtration systems. When out of the home or office, it is very difficult to have confidence in your water source. You cannot, nor should you trust the water at most local eating establishments and the bottled water business is often a joke in itself. For those times when I am unsure of the quality of my water, I use the Aquagear portable water filtration system.
So what the heck is in your water?
Let’s look at the top culprits.
•    Bacteria
•    Viruses
•    Protozoa
•    Parasitic worms
•    Acids
•    Salts
•    Toxic metals (the challenge for the client mentioned above)
•    Oxygen demanding wastes
•    Nitrates and phosphates
•    Oils
•    Plastics
•    Pesticides
•    Water-soluble radioactive compounds
•    Chlorine
•    Fluoride

Any or all of these compounds can make you ill or in some cases lead to death.

In my opinion, the use of quality filtered water is a must. Some may feel that their local tap water is properly filtered and decontaminated. While this is often the case, you cannot put your trust there also. As an example back in 1993, an estimated 403,000 residents of the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area became ill when an ineffective filtration process led to the inadequate removal of Cryptosporidium cysts in one of two municipal water treatment plants. This not only created some staggering levels of physical suffering for so many, it was estimated that the total cost of this outbreak was over $96 million dollars.
While this may all seem to be some grim news, let’s be real, our water quality is less than optimal but we can do something about it.
Since water is no longer just good old H2O, it is up to you to be proactive. Filter the water you drink in your home, workplace and have a portable system on hand when you are out and about. As mentioned earlier in this article, there are many filter systems available today. I use reverse-osmosis in my home and office and we use an Aquagear portable water filtration when we are out and about. We traveled recently and took our Aquagear with us. Saves us a lot of money in bottled water, saves our planet from further contamination of plastic sand provides an immeasurable level of peace of mind. Priceless!
Now you know, what the heck is in your water…
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