The PAIN of Inflammation 2014 Introduction

Greetings everyone and welcome to “The PAIN of Inflammation” six week program! Get ready everyone! We are beginning a journey to experience improved health and happiness and perhaps shock you with results that may be unexpected. As you’ve heard me say before, this program has been running for four years now and I have have seen countless people reduce pain, lose weight, inches and most importantly, significantly reduce or eliminate their health symptoms and challenges.  This is truly an amazing program and the reason why both myself and my wife participate every year. Now to the nuts and bolts. This will be your blog through the program. This will allow you access to post questions and comments for me as well as interact with others in the program. Also Lynda Buitrago, who is my partner at Depke Wellness, will be sharing her expertise with you along this journey. She is also veteran of this program personally. As each new week begins, we will start a new blog. We have many in the program that are not starting on the same day so this will create ease of navigation for all, regardless of when they begin. Each week I will post the supplement requirements for the week and sharing other news and tidbits to help you along the way. Please check in regularly for new posts and share from other participants. I will share that while the blog is not essential to your success, I do find that those participants that use the blog regularly consistently enjoy high levels of success. Also remember the keys to this program. Allowable/avoidance foods, anti-inflammatory, liver detox, gut/brain connection and immune support. These will be your keys to improving your health and happiness and reducing your pain of inflammation. One last note. It does add an ease of navigation if you become a member of this blog. You can take care of this is the right header. So here we go… Wellness for the World, Glen Depke, Depke Wellness

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