The Air We Breathe

Let’s start the New Year with addressing our number one fundamental of health which is the air we breathe. While most feel that I would be talking about the quality of our air, my focus is going to by on the functional process and need for proper intake of oxygen. Most do not understand, but when we take a breath of air, approximately one quart of our blood is exposed to the oxygen in that breath. It then only takes a few moments for that quart of blood to circulate throughout the body to oxygenate the cells in our body. This is the number one fundamental of health, so why then do most of us restrict our breathing by taking short shallow breaths in our daily lives. I cannot present with enough conviction the importance of taking deep belly breaths throughout your day. Simply take a very deep breath through your nose all the way down below the belly button while extending your stomach, hold that breath for a few moments and forcefully blow that breath out through the mouth while contracting your stomach muscles. Do this 3-5 times every hour throughout your day to start creating the habit of proper breathing. I cannot tell you how many people feel significantly better simply by incorporating this new healthy habit. The other bonus is that physiologically, taking a deep breath also releases stress.

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