To get your overall health and wellness on track is always a good idea to start with your digestive system. Obviously there is a high level of importance in breaking down, absorbing and assimilating the nutrients from your food properly. The other factor is the approximately 80% of your immune system function actually originates within the gastro intestinal tract.

So where is a good place to start? I suggest addressing the billions of tiny micro flora (beneficial bacteria) into your digestive system through the use of high quality probiotics.

These beneficial bacteria will aid in keeping your entire GI tract in optimal function while also assisting in improving immune function.

Recent studies also suggest that the use of a quality probiotic may also assist with fat loss in the body…just an added bonus.

In the history of any indigenous culture, we would have consumed naturally fermented food on a regular basis but this is simply no longer the case. Due to this lack of consumption of raw naturally fermented food, the need for taking a probiotic supplement is essential in my opinion.

I will share that not only do I recommend taking a daily probiotic to all of my clients but myself and my wife take them personally.

Some individuals have told me in the past that they do not need probiotics because they eat yogurt of kefir regularly. The big challenge with this is the understanding that our conventional dairy products are pasteurized which will destroy the beneficial bacteria. Dead bacteria does not provide any benefit; the bacteria needs to be alive and active. If you are consuming the yogurt or kefir raw, you would enjoy the bacterium benefit but unfortunately there is a low percentage of people enjoying raw dairy. As a side note, there is a raw dairy subject also on this blog.

If you are not already taking a quality probiotic or consuming raw naturally fermented foods regularly, it is time to start.

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