Menopause Got You Down?

by Glen Depke

We have been talking about choice quite a bit lately, so how many of women out there would be totally aggravated if I told you that you chose menopausal symptoms? I know if I was a woman and was challenged with weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, among many other possible symptoms; I would not be a happy camper if someone told me I was choosing this torture. Please take the time to hear me out though; I will help you understand what happened in your life that led to these challenges.

I would first like you to recognize that the highest percentage of my client base is women between the ages of 45 to 55 and many of these women are feeling tortured as I mentioned above. Once they find the truth to their challenges and make the necessary shifts in choice for their lives, they are often able to walk away from their symptoms and live the life of health and happiness they desire. Let’s add that if you are a husband reading this, you better be glued into the information provided. We are not only talking about your wife’s health and happiness but yours as well.

Let’s start by understanding that menopausal symptoms are not normal. If you look at indigenous cultures throughout recorded history and even in today’s times, the collection of symptoms most women in our culture suffer with are almost completely non-existent. Women in these cultures are actually honored and worshipped in a way to acknowledge their wisdom and life transformation. They are actually looked at as stronger women and admired for their infinite wisdom. When is the last time you heard of a woman in our culture bragging about going through menopause with ease and recognizing that those around her are honoring her for her wisdom and strength? Unheard of isn’t it?

The first choice is to create a shift of the stigma around menopause. Knowing that you can move through this time of your life in ease rather than torture is a very pleasing and a very real thought. Don’t believe all the horror stories you hear about menopause, recognizing that these are stories of unhealthy and imbalanced women going through menopause.

Here is the next challenge for women that I see so consistently in my practice. Most women are taught from a very young age to take care of their children, their husband, their home, their job, their community, their church, and the list goes on. What a minute though; isn’t somebody missing here? Yes of course, taking care of themselves! Women do so much in this culture on a consistent basis to the point that they do not take care of themselves and this is completely unfair. The amazing fact is that if women were taught to put themselves first, they would have all the energy in the world to take care of all the other aspects of their lives, while staying strong through menopause. Women have this incredible gift of as Allison Armstrong describes diffuse awareness. I describe this as the woman’s ability to look at the whole picture at once. To learn more about Allison Armstrong or her workshops you could also read my wife’s post next week, on her experience with Allison Armstrong in a recent workshop.

For any women with menopausal symptoms or if you are nearing this age, it is so important to choose time for yourself to focus on your fundamentals of health. It is very important that you chose this time and if you are a husband reading this, be sure to create time for your wife to have her own space and time to take care of herself and heal. More than likely she has been working her butt off for years taking care of you, so it is time to even the score. For those that need directions on what the fundamentals of health involve, feel free to visit the posts in the blog archive from January of this year. They start with the air your breath, thru exposure to the sun. If you feel that you need deeper assistance with this, we will be releasing a 7 part video series within this month to assist you in reaching balance within your fundamentals of health.

The other challenge to recognize is the adrenal tie into menopause. This is so important since as mentioned above, most women enter menopausal years with exhausted adrenals. One of the first challenges is noticeable weight gain. You know, that 15 to 30 pounds that no woman enjoys. Interesting also that it seems that the only way to lose any of this weight is to starve yourself and we know that this is not a healthy accomplishment. What you may not realize though, is that the weight gain is your body’s perfect balance for the challenges at hand.

You see, when the ovaries slow the production of estrogen, this needs to be balanced elsewhere within the body. Typically the adrenals will assist with this hormonal balance but remember, I mentioned that most women go through menopause with exhausted adrenals. Since the adrenals cannot pick up the hormonal slack, the next place for your body to balance hormonally is via the fat cells. So if you are going through menopause with exhausted adrenals, your body will do everything it can to gain and hold onto weight. This is such a challenging cycle for women in our culture yet so easy to balance with the correct information and implementation of new choices in life.

On Tuesday, July 13th, at 6:00PM Pacific time we will be providing a complimentary webinar to address the three main factors that lead into the adrenal exhaustion that is hindering you from enjoying menopause. Yes, I did say enjoying menopause!

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