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7 Danger Signs That Put You At Risk For Chronic Inflammation


Many people suffer from chronic inflammation because they are unaware that the source of their problems is inflammation! They mistake the symptoms as the disease. So, here are 7 danger signs that point to chronic inflammation. Once you know what you have, feeling better is just a few short steps away!

Hangovers: Alcohol Poisoning

by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath For so many of us, we get so excited about celebrating Independence Day that we do not realize that the celebration itself often leaves us struggling as we enter into this new year. Some celebration, right? The struggle that I am referring to is the hangovers that we are waking […]

Good News! I Have Joint Pain!


by Glen Depke Well, maybe not good news for me, but potentially for you…?   Recently, I was diagnosed with severe degeneration in my medial right knee and moderated degeneration in the rest of my knee. Now, this was not a complete surprise since I hurt my knee about 31 years ago. You know, the old […]

Scar Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Improved Circulation & Dare I Say, Cellulite Removal

by Glen Depke Let’s jump right into it today. We are talking about a healing tool called endermologie. Endermoligie was originally invented in Europe as a means of breaking up scar tissue and alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with this scar tissue build up. My wife Dawn uses endermologie for the use of scar […]